Kentuckians managing propane shortage

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IRVINE, Ky. (WKYT) - Some Kentuckians are having a hard time heating their homes because of a propane shortage. More than 130,000 or 8% of Kentucky homes are heated by propane.

The Kentucky Propane Gas Association says there's a shortage because of the high demand for propane, supply interruptions, and the U.S. exporting more propane than is imported.

For Hardy Gas Co. in Irvine, the shortage means their phone doesn't stop ringing. As result, the company is selling more propane than ever and their tanks are half full. Owner Pepper Hardy is limiting how much propane is sold.

"I've been rationing it at 150 gallons per person. I'd be empty if it wasn't for that," said Hardy.

He says 150 gallons is enough propane to heat a home for a month. State officials advice customers to be cautious with their supply, and to consider turning their thermostat down.

"You don't want to get it too cold but you also have to keep in mind you got to have that propane for a while," said Dick Brown, Communications Director for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Hardy admits there is hope in sight, because everyday we move closer to spring.

"It's a challenge but I think we'll survive," Hardy explained.

The federal government lifted restrictions on propane haulers to allow truckers to drive more hours to reach more people.

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