Kentucky Gives Day a success

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CLAY CO., Ky. (WYMT) - The 24-hour online fundraising event known as Kentucky Gives Day is being called a success.

More than $300,000 was raised for hundreds of charitable organizations. Many nonprofits in the mountains will benefit.

Tonya Asher is the development manager at Red Bird Mission. Asher says she sat by her computer.

"Watching the numbers go up and watching our donor numbers go up, so, all day yesterday was very exciting for me as I just saw the progress," said Asher.

As the donations for Kentucky Gives continued to grow, so did her excitement.

"I was just like wow, you know, wow, this happened in 24-hours, you know, cause, it was just so fast," said Asher.

More than 100 donors gave more than $7,000 to the Red Bird Mission school in Clay County.

Dr. Taylor Collins is the executive director.

"We appreciate everyone who gave all 100 and 23 givers. We appreciate each and every one of them," said Collins.

Collins says he would like to see a portion of that money spent on field trips, text books and other learning materials.

He also says because of this fundraiser several organizations will have extra money to support their programs and ministries.

"It is really wonderful to see that so much of that money is coming to Eastern, Kentucky organizations," said Collins.

Collins says many nonprofit organizations depend solely on donations and while Kentucky Gives was only one day, improving our communities, is a yearlong effort.

For more information about Kentucky Gives check out this website:

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