Kentucky Photo Archive give glimpse into history
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Lexington, KY- Take a trip back in time on a new blog of archival photography.
The Lexington Herald-Leader and are sharing a bunch of old photographs.
Some go back to the 1930's, but they all have one thing in common- they tell a piece of Lexington history.
If a picture tells a thousand words, then this photo collection amounts to a novel.
Whether it's confiscated moonshine back in the 1940's or construction on the Target in Hamburg in 1997, all the photos in the Kentucky Photo Archive tell a story of a place and time in Lexington history.
"That's kinda the cornerstone of the collection that housed at UK Special Collections," he said. "It's really a wonderful asset to have and it's a wonderful historical treasure.
Peter Baniak, editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, says there's one person in particular to thank for this collection- John C. Wyatt.
He was the Herald Leader's long-time chief photographer who took it upon himself to create an archive system for the paper's photos.
Some scenes now available online are one of Main Street traffic in 1951, Lexington's original peanut butter plant in 1946 and UK's final men's basketball game at Memorial Coliseum in 1976.
Many more photos will be released in the days, weeks and months ahead, with a look back at some of the pivotal moments in Lexington history.

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