Kentucky Reptile Zoo responds to N.C. emergency

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SLADE, Ky. (WKYT) - A North Carolina Man needed anti-venom for a dangerous snake bite over the weekend and officials there asked the Kentucky Reptile Zoo for help.

There are 1600 snakes at the zoo. They have a room full of Asian Cobras, the same type of pet snake that attacked a North Carolina man.

Zoo Curator Kristen Wiley says the cure for a bite from one these is made in Thailand and can be hard to get a hold of. The Powell County zoo is one of a few places in this part of the country that keeps it in stock.

"We are working with these animals and so when we have to ship it to a private individual. That means that our safeguard is no longer here," Wiley said.

The bite victim will be okay and didn't need their anti-venom. She says this latest anti-venom request was just like the other requests.

"This gentleman Unfortunately followed the trend. Which is intoxicated and in the middle of the night," explained Wiley.

The zoo expects their anti-venom to return Tuesday.

This was the first time the zoo sent anything out this year. The most they've ever shipped in a year is three units.

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