Kentucky River in Estill County at risk of flooding

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials in Estill County say the Kentucky River is at risk of flooding.

We're told they are expecting the river to crest early Friday morning. People in Estill County woke up to snow and rain on Thursday but say they are not concerned. They say if it does flood, they are prepared. "This is something we're use to," explains Sandy Arvin, who works at the River Restaurant. "The restaurant has been here for over thirty years and we just recently remodeled it," explains Arvin, "and at one point this restaurant was at eye level with the bridge!"

Arvin explains how the restaurant, which sits less than 25 feet away from the Kentucky River, is built to float. "If the river does crest we're okay because we can just detach from the foundation and float. The same thing with the houseboats along the river, we're all use to this."

The River Restaurant is known for many things, including their hogwings, which Arvin says gets people in the door. "I've never seen it, but customers talk about how they've been inside the restaurant when it's floating and they just love it!"

According to the National Weather Service, flood stage is at 21 feet.

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