Kentucky blood donors help victims of Knoxville bus crash

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Thanks to dozens of volunteers who regularly donate blood to local banks, the Kentucky Blood Center was able to help victims of a deadly bus crash in Tennessee.

The accident happened yesterday on a highway near Knoxville. Seniors from a North Carolina church were returning home from a gospel fest in Gatlinburg.

Police say a front tire on the bus blew, sending the bus across the median and into oncoming traffic. The bus collided with an SUV and a tractor trailer.

Officials say the driver of the tractor trailer was killed, along with a passenger in the SUV and six of the 18 passengers on the bus.

Officials with the blood center say they received a request to send donations to Knoxville, shortly after the crash. They say it’s because of their dedicated donors that they were able to help the victims in this accident.

“In an emergency, it's the blood that's already on the shelf that were able to use. So it's always to important to always have blood. That's why if we get a little low and put the word out people think, 'Oh you're just begging for blood.' No, we need it on the shelf because you never know when there could be an automobile accident, a tornado, a fire or a shooting. It just always needs to be there,” says Denise Fields, Marketing and Communications Manager.

The Kentucky Blood Center is always looking for new donors at each of their locations.

For information on how you can donate, you can visit the Kentucky Blood Center's website at the link below.

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