Kentucky death row inmate seeking love?

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Commonwealth's Attorney, Ray Larson says there are more than thirty inmates on death row in Kentucky.

Larson says many of them are seeking pen pals. Larson says he found a posting online from Ralph Baze, 57 seeking a pen pal of his own.

"Ralph Baze killed two law enforcement officers in Powell County in 1992," says Larson.

In 1997 he was sentenced to death for killing Sheriff Steve Bennett and Deputy Arthur Briscoe in the line of duty.

For years, he has tried to appeal his conviction and now Larson says Baze is seeking a pen pal for help.

This is the message Larson says was posted online:

"“Hi my name is Ralph and I am a Death Row inmate. I am looking for a few pen pals that like to write and maybe help get some of my paper work transferred to computer disk. Trying to work with and through the system is not getting me anywhere so I need to be able to find a voice on the outside of these walls to help me get my story out. Hopefully finding a friend or 2 along the way too. Would like a relationship with the right lady that could be more then Pen pals. Times get lonely in here.”

Larson says Baze isn't looking for love, "He's really not looking for companionship. He's looking for letters. And what he is really looking for is for some fool that he can send stuff to to put on the internet.

It's been almost twenty years since Baze was sentenced.

"And at some point, he needs to be executed. He has earned it, adds Larson.

Larson wants to make sure that no one steps in to change Baze's destiny, "If they get out, guess what? He's a killer. He has obviously proven that he is dangerous. So it's just kind of offensive especially to the families of these people who have been killed by this yard bird."

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