Kentucky gun sales spiking after Connecticut massacre

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - The scene that played out on our TV screens from Connecticut, on Friday, can be described as a great tragedy. But in the moments, and days, after it's sparked a debate nationwide about gun control laws.

"You have all of your talk on the weekend news shows," described Chuck Bradley, who says that chatter has sparked a sharp spike in gun sales, especially right here in the Bluegrass.

"People are scared that they're going to lose their rights," said Bradley, "they're buying what they can now before they can't buy it anymore."

Bradley owns Shooters Connection in Georgetown, and he isn't alone! Other gun shops in Lexington, Winchester, and Frankfort also reported seeing the same rush. Some were cautious, saying the sales bump may be closely tied to the Christmas season. Still others, like Bradley, say it's more likely this spike is prompted by the Connecticut massacre.

"After the terrible incident that happened Friday, and the talk that's going around about new gun control legislation, we're seeing another spike over the weekend and today. And it probably won't slow down anytime soon."

The buying trend reminds this gun salesman of another spike just four years ago.

"The first time Obama was elected, it went absolutely bananas. It was crazy," Bradley recalled people were buying everything they could get their hands on. "Today, was back to where it was back when Obama was first elected."

Many of Bradley's buyers are competition-style shooters, he said, meaning he carries a more specified inventory. Still, Bradley said many of the must have items are the very same items at the center of many gun control proposals.

"We don't sell the complete AR-15 rifle, per say, but that's what people are worried about. They're buying some of the parts, they're buying some of the high capacity magazines. In fact, we sold out of those today."

While Bradley has his views on the gun control debate, the reality is his store, and others, are finding a lot of people rushing to their counters ready to buy what they can.

Congressman John Yarmuth said on Monday that he's received hundreds of calls about gun control., and apologized for what he called his inaction on Capitol Hill. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshears also said on Monday that he, too, wants to work, listen, and instate meaningful change.

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