Kentucky joins national texting enforcement movement

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky officials are saying if you drive and text, you will pay. It's part of a national program to crack down on people texting and driving.

They also have a new tool to discourage the act. A smartphone app is available that will disable text messaging while the car is in motion.

Download "TextLimit" on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone, sign up, and enter "NOTEXTKY" to get a year subscription for free. The app runs in the background and disables text messaging when the vehicle is moving faster than a set speed.

Office of Highway Safety Executive Director Bill Bell says the state put on a pilot program in select counties, to crack down on texters. He says it was a success, and they are ready to bring it state-wide. Kentucky agencies will get some federal funding to enforce the anti-texting law. Bell says the app, is a solid preventative measure.

"We try to look at how we can use technology to help us, and this is a good answer," said Bell.

Officials say there were more than 400,000 people injured nationwide in distracted driving crashes two years ago. They hope the app and increased enforcement will lower those figures going forward.

Texting and driving violators face a $25 fine on the first offense. It's a $50 fine for following offenses.

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