Kentucky lawmaker proposes "Tim Tebow" bill

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LEXINGTON, Ky, (WKYT) - Proposed legislation would allow home schooled students to play sports at public schools.

The bill was pre-filed Tuesday by Representative Stan Lee, R-Lexington.

It's named after Tim Tebow because the former University of Florida and NFL quarterback was home schooled but played in public schools.

Representative Lee says the bill would allow home schooled students to play sports at their local school if they can meet the same physical and academic standards as the other student athletes, parents would be responsible for transporting their kids to and from events, and the home schooled student would have to register at the school in their district.

"Whatever requirements a public school student would have to be eligible to participate in those extracurricular sports, this home school student would as well," Lee told WKYT.

A mother from Lincoln County has been outspoken about this issue. Bridgett Blakeman has four children. Her oldest is about to enter middle school, and will not be able to participate in sports, because he is home schooled.

"We are hopeful that other legislators will get behind this and understand the great need to provide opportunities for all students in the state," said Blakeman.

Twenty-six states have similar legislation in place.

KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett says the organization has not supported other versions of this bill in the past, because verifying a home school student's curriculum is difficult. He tells WKYT the organization will evaluate this latest version.

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