Kentucky man one of handful testing Google Glass

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Everywhere he goes, Benjamin Van Den Broeck gets attention for the cutting edge technology he's wearing. He is one of three people in Kentucky testing Google Glass for the company.

"For the last year, I was working a lot with 3D printing ... Google took note of that and ever since then I've been using glass to show off my 3D prints," says Van Den Broeck.

The new Google Glass technology essentially puts a computer screen right in front of your face, but on a space comparable to a glasses lens.

Van Den Broeck says one of many uses he's implemented with Glass is the navigation features.

"It's like you have a map that shows you, oh, it's that street right there. And I can just see it in my vision. I don't need to look at street signs anymore," says Van Den Broeck. "It's less intrusive to the driver, because your eyes never leave the road."

We checked with Lexington police, they say no laws are on the books addressing Google Glass, but any distracted or reckless driving, no matter what the cause, is a citable offense.

"I do feel like there's going to be some new ethics we have to touch on in terms of, cops, if you get pulled over they're going to assume you're a distracted driver," says Van Den Broeck.

Google Glass doesn't have a release date set in stone, but it's rumored they could be available to the public around Christmas of next year.

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