Kentucky man saves two lives while on vacation

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Josh Weaver and his family from London headed to Destin, Florida for the beach and the ocean breeze.

"We just wanted to go down, have a nice week, get away from Laurel County and work. Just get away and have a good time," says Weaver.

The first at the day beach, Weaver says he was warned about the potentially dangerous conditions in the water.

"The beach was red flagged, extremely high waves, bad rip currents, but the waves were always fun to play in," Weaver says.

When Weaver got out of the water, he heard something other than waves crashing against the shore, "I heard somebody yelling for help and to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it the first time I heard somebody yelling for help. Then it started becoming more of a cry of my life is in danger kind of help."

In the distance, he saw a man and a woman stuck out at sea struggling to swim back.

"I saw a kid with a boogie board. I knew there was two of them and I couldn't bring both by myself. My reaction was to get this boogie board and tie it around my ankle sold swim out there," says Weaver.

Weaver says he was a former lifeguard. He says he dove in and swam to their rescue. After a fight against the current and the waves, Weaver says he made it back with both of them.

"I got out there and I wasn't going to leave without them. I tried and I tried my best. My best ended up being good enough," Weaver adds.

Weaver gave the woman CPR before emergency crews arrived and he's now credited with saving their lives.

"I don't think I'm a hero, I think I'm just somebody. I'm just a guy from the country that wanted to help," says Weaver.

Weaver says the man and woman he rescued are now fine. He also says this will be a vacation that he never will forget.

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