Kentucky man to help with storm relief

NSSL photo by Steve Tegtmeier

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky Utilities isn't the only group in the Bluegrass sending help to areas affected by the storms.

A volunteer with the Red Cross is preparing to leave for the tornado damaged Midwest Tuesday.

Tuesday he will begin his two week trip, heading to help out people affected by the storm.

Chris Ardery will soon be in Bentonville, Illinois, not far from Peoria, where he will primarily serve as the public relations person for the Red Cross.

During his 10-14 day trip, his duties will mostly include helping calm the chaos surrounding the many questions tornado victims will have about when and what type of help they will receive.

And although Ardery has no apparent connection to the state of Illinois, he still says that whenever and wherever there's a disaster, he makes his connection by lending a hand to people in need.

"When I saw the damage I said 'wow' this is exactly like Joplin. Maybe not as big of an area, but it's just all about helping people."

Ardery is one of the 252registered disaster volunteers in the Bluegrass region for the Red Cross.

Officials at Red Cross say monetary donations are the quickest way to help the tornado victims.

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