Kentucky rescue teams land new sonar system

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Hovering a few feet above the depths of a Kentucky lake, a nearly 4-foot-long, torpedo-shaped sonar device cruises along scanning everything it passes. It transmits startlingly clear images to searchers in the boat towing it.

The underwater imaging system is a prized possession for a group of rescue teams in south-central Kentucky. The squads snagged the first-of-its-kind device in hopes of speeding up searches for drowning victims in Kentucky's murky waters.

Those searches sometimes drag on for days or weeks, prolonging the misery of the victims' loved ones and testing the endurance of searchers.

The plan is to deploy the new sonar system anywhere across Kentucky.

The squads used a grant from the state emergency management agency to acquire the device, becoming the first recipients of the new system.

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