Kentucky schools step up security following shooting

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Schools across Kentucky are stepping up security in the wake of a school shooting in Connecticut that left 26 people dead.

Officials with Fayette County Schools tell WKYT they have school law enforcement officers that will patrol schools this week. Those officers will be seen in all elementary and middle schools. They'll also have increased staff presence at drop-off and dismissal times.

The spokesperson for Fayette County Schools says official there are also preparing for rumor control. They've already dealt with one this morning at Henry Clay and have school law enforcement investigating, along with Lexington Police.

Dozens of parents checked their children out of Henry Clay Monday after hearing about the rumor of a shooting or a gun at school, saying they weren't willing to take any chances.

"We've got to take these things seriously," explained Kurt Ragland, who's daughter is a junior. "Even though we have law enforcement in the buildings and Fayette County is doing the very best they can, you can see parents are concerned."

The head of school security did communicate this weekend with principals to reiterate school security procedures.
All doors are to be locked. School officials must make a visual contact with every visitor, and check their ID. All visitors must also be escorted through the school buildings.

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton says while school leaders are thinking of those in Connecticut, he says this is also a time to reflect.

"The main thing is how we move forward and how do we improve from here?"

Shelton says he feels Fayette County Schools have solid safety procedures. He also says he feels lucky to have a dedicated law enforcement team.

"The thing you have to remember is it is such an isolated incident. You can't say it won't happen here, but they are so isolated and don't happen on a regular basis," Shelton explained.

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