Kentucky sheriff says federal gun laws won't apply in his county

MCKEE, Ky (WKYT) - He says it's his job to protect the people who elected him even if that means going against federal law. A Kentucky sheriff says he's gaining support from across the country for his stance on possible gun regulations.

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman says no one in his county will ever have to give up their guns.

Sheriff Peyman received a round of applause from a group of almost one hundred gathered at Opal's restaurant this afternoon.

"It doesn't matter what law he passes, the sheriff has more power than the federal people, they need to go back and study that, we're a commonwealth," Peyman said.

Peyman says he decided to speak out after a resident told him their concerns over gun control discussions in Washington. Since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, no new federal gun regulations have been passed. However, Vice President Joe Biden has been working with a group to look at the issue of gun violence.

"I'm an elected official just like the president of the nation is, only he doesn't live in Jackson County, I do. He doesn't know these people here and what threats they live with daily, you know, I do," Peyman said.

When asked what steps he would take to keep any new federal gun regulations from being enforced in Jackson County Peyman said "We'll see when push comes to shove. It's going to have to go into the courtrooms. It's not going to be, I mean we don't want a bloodbath in our community when they come in to take guns. It's going to have to be taken care of in a court room before it gets to that point,"

After today the sheriff says he's not taking any specific steps yet, waiting to see if any new laws are passed in Washington.

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