Kentucky sheriff's office sees increase in conceal and carry applicants

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"The fact that we were broken into for the first time ever in our home which was very disgusting and it makes you think. My husband does travel some so I'm alone. I think that is something that would help me and make me feel a little bit safer," says Rhonda Little, a new customer of Bud's Gun Shop.

Little took a conceal and carry class Tuesday at Bud's Gun Shop in Lexington. She is one of the many people who never thought of owning a gun but is reconsidering now, "I've been afraid of shooting guns."

It's this sudden interest in concealing and carrying a gun that is keeping the Franklin County Sheriff's office busy.

"We have seen a dramatic increase over the last probably since the Connecticut shooting, also with proposed legislation on weapons and ammunition, magazines. As a result of that, we have seen our conceal carry probably double in numbers. Probably about 40 or 50 a week," says Franklin County Sheriff, Pat Melton.

The high demand is making it take longer for Kentuckians to take home a license.

"Now because of the back log, because of the 40 or 50 a week that we've been averaging and every other sheriff's office is averaging as well. So with all the sheriff's offices, the state police I think is a little overwhelmed and they're about 90 days behind right now," adds Melton.

Sheriff Pat Melton says all of the money that is collected from the application fees goes toward efforts to protect those living in Franklin County.

Melton also says that for the past several years more background checks have been conducted on Kentuckians than in any other state. In 2010 and again in 2011, there were more than two million background checks performed. These numbers do not reflect the number of people who actually took home a gun or even a license.

" You know our community as well as me and we take it very serious. I think those numbers reflect that," Melton says.

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