Kentucky tornado outbreak called worst in 24 years

The National Weather Service is putting some numbers on the violent storms that blasted through a dozen states, including Kentucky, on Friday.

It says four tornadoes that hit Kentucky were the worst in the region in 24 years, with winds reaching 160 mph.

In Indiana, an EF-4 tornado with 175 mph winds hit the town of Henryville. The weather service issued nearly 300 tornado warnings from Friday through early Saturday.

The storms killed at least 36 people in five states.

Authorities say a toddler found in an Indiana field following severe storms is the only survivor in her family. Her parents and two young siblings were killed.

The details of the girl's ordeal are unclear, but officials say she was found near her home, not 10 miles away as initially reported.

Relatives are with her at a Kentucky hospital, where she's listed in critical condition.

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