Kentucky's next singing sensation

Earlier this month a young lady from eastern Kentucky wowed a crowd of over 7400 at the UK Hoops game.

Her rendition of the National Anthem and My Old Kentucky Home brought the house down and instantly became a YouTube sensation.

For those in Johnson County she's been a star for years with a voice that will wow you and a story that will inspire you.

Each day at 10:20, inside Johnson Central High School you'll hear Amy Conley and her choral students singing.

Collectively they harmonize as one, but mixed in among them is a booming voice coming from a tiny body that distinctly stands out.

Physically 16 year old Marlana VanHoose may look different than her fellow classmates, she is a little smaller and learning music may be a bit different for her, she's never seen a piece of sheet music.

Marlana was born with Cytomegalovirus and is blind due to an optical nerve that never formed.

In spite of not being expected to live more than a year, she recovered from the virus.

To Marlana her disability is a gift.

"I have sensitive hearing, I have perfect pitch, God has given me lots of, just lots of talent," said VanHoose.

Her talent first emerged at an early age.

"Well I was just a little tiny, tiny thing, I started humming Jesus loves me before I could even talk."

Now she will sing whenever asked.

In February she belted out the National Anthem at center court of Memorial Coliseum at a UK Hoops game.

Coaches, players even strangers were blown away by that big voice coming from such a small frame.

Marlana's talents go beyond just singing, she plays the piano and even writes her own music.

In her choral class Marlana is a shining star.

"Marlana is the most special, most kind hearted student I've ever had in class," said Amy Conley, the Johnson County High School Choir Director.

Among her classmates there is no jealousy, in fact Conley says she inspires the students and in return they feel blessed to be singing with her.

"These young people, they always look out for Marlana, she doesn't get bullied here, they love her, they take care of her, the gentlemen open the door for her," said Conley.

For now Marlana's music is her outlet.

"Its shown me how much God has blessed me, it feels comfortable and it shows me just how far I've come," said VanHoose.

Her gift to a world that she will never see is song, so this young lady plans on making sure she is heard!

Marlana says her dream is to travel the world after high school singing for the Lord.

She would like to assemble what she calls a "Dream Team" of sorts with the country's best Gospel and Christian artists.

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