Kickin' It 4 Kelly kicks it together

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Life isn't a matter of miracles, but of moments.

When we first met Kelly Melton one year ago, good moments were hard to come by, a 7-year-old Kentucky fan, beginning his fight with Leukemia.

"Last year there were two occasions we almost lost him," Harrison Melton, Kelly's dad says. "But this year just full of energy bouncing around, active."

After missing most of his first grade year, Kelly has returned to school, reunited with his first grade teach Ms. Denney

"She's just an excellent teacher. She cares about the kids, and she also makes them walk a fine line if she needs to," Harrison continues.

"We don't want him to be singled out. It's very important to his family that he feel like one of the other kids," Mitzi Denny, Kelly's first grade teacher says.

One thing that sets Kelly apart from the other kids, is his admiration and connection to some of the biggest Kentucky Wildcats.

"I follow him on Twitter to see the pictures of him and basketball players and football players," Denny says.

Through Kelly's Twitter account and Facebook page Kickin it for Kelly, he's gained experiences most UK fans could only dream of.
He even made a return trip to the Kentucky Derby, once again as a special guest of Nerlens Noel.

"You can tell that Nerlens cares a lot about him, and he even told us he's like my little brother," Harrison continues.

But on the day after the Derby, the reality of Cancer returned

"Last year, when Kelly was diagnosed with cancer, obviously I cared what was happening, but I couldn't really identify with it as well as I can now," Denny says.

One month after Kelly returned to school, Ms. Denny was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Oh I cried. I felt really bad for her. She's just a wonderful caring person and, just hate to see something bad like that happen to someone like her," Harrison continues.

"Going through the treatments like Kelly has, you know that's made it a lot easier for me to empathize with him I guess. I think he has felt a connection too since coming back knowing that I understand what he's been through," Denny says.

While the fight is far from over for Kelly in his quest to kick cancer. Still in search of a miracle. Kelly is not alone.

"He's ready to move on and do whatever he wants to do. He definitely has the personality to do whatever he wants to do in the future," Denny continues.

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