Kids learn about careers in camp

HENDERSON, Ky. (AP) - For about an hour, a Henderson Community College classroom was transformed into a makeshift first aid center where middle school-aged kids bandaged up their fellow camper's imaginary wounds.

Surveying the somewhat lumpy bandaging jobs of the students, Kristin Card, a health and safety instructor for Christian County Red Cross, told the kids it didn't matter if it looked pretty as long as the gauze would staunch any bleeding.

Rowland, a Niagara Elementary fifth-grader, was one of many kids to attend Career Craze, the hands-on career exploration summer camp for middle school students held over two weeks at Henderson Community College.

Manufacturing Career Craze, which was held June 10-13, included field trips to Pioneer Plastics in Dixon and the Columbia Sporstwear distribution center in Robards, along with classroom visits from local manufacturers.

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