Kids abandoned for a week in hot, dirty home

A stunning story is developing involving 19 children home alone in a hot home that authorities are calling filthy. They say the children, whose ages range from an infant to a teenager, had been in the sweltering Bowling Green home for days.

When sheriff's deputies arrived to check out the home they say it was 90 degrees inside, and the 19 children and 10 pets they found had been there, alone, for at least a week. Deputies say they were living on top of carpets covered in dog feces.

Annie Adams, a neighbor on Kingston Way, called authorities to check on the children living inside the home. She says she knew more than a dozen kids were home alone, and she was worried. Adams says the couple, Irving Smith and Jackie Farah, have left their children alone in the past.

"I called a couple weeks ago because I noticed that the parents hadn't been home," she explained, "I did hear babies crying and I knew there were no adults. And myself and my husband, we have four boys. And all I could think about was my four boys."

When sheriff's deputies arrived, Adams says the conditions were hard to believe.

"No air conditioning, no food. The home smelled like urine. There was nine dogs."

Warren County Sheriff's deputies have located the couple. They say the pair are now on their way back to Kentucky, and they are questioning Farah.

"The reason that they left the residence they said was a family emergency and left this lady not so much in charge, but in a care taking role. They kinda led her to believe that just a couple of kids there, some older teens that could watch the younger children would be there," noted Warren County Sheriff's Detective Tim Robinson, "they were supposed to return immediately. They'd given her stories of there had some vehicle troubles, some other issues have happened."

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