Kings Island ready to debut world’s longest inverted steel coaster

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio (WKYT) - Thrill-seekers will have something to scream about when the world’s longest inverted steel roller coaster, “Banshee,” makes its debut April 18 at Kings Island.

The 4,124-foot long Banshee will also tie another inverted roller coaster record. Banshee features the following succession of breath-taking thrills. That includes a 167-foot lift hill, 150-foot curved first drop, a dive loop, a vertical loop encircling the lift hill, a zero-gravity-roll, a pair of batwing inversions, outside loop, spiral, in-line roll and carousel, all at speeds up to 68 miles per hour.

Riders on Banshee will be seated in cars four across. A total of three trains, each containing eight cars, will enable Banshee to accommodate approximately 1,650 riders per hour.

Textured lighting and other lighting effects will bring the Banshee legend to reality, creating the ultimate night ride experience.

Banshee was designed exclusively for Kings Island, and joins a number of renowned inverted roller coasters built by Switzerland-based Bolliger & Mabillard.

Banshee will be the 15th roller coaster at Kings Island, which is home to some of the top-ranked roller coasters in the world in annual industry and enthusiast polls including The Beast and Diamondback.

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