Kitten tossed out car window on busy Georgetown Road

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a shocking sight -- a woman says she was driving along a busy road in Georgetown when she saw someone throwing a kitten out of a moving car and onto the road.

The woman rescued the kitten but it suffered serious injuries and now she's asking for your help.

On Sunday, Brandy Mellow played witness to something she never thought could happen.

“I noticed that in the car in front of me, the passenger had stuck their hand out and had her by her neck and tossed her out the window,” Brandy Mellow told WKYT Wednesday afternoon.

Fortunately, Mellow was traveling only a few feet behind them along a busy Georgetown Road.

“I went and picked her up and was surprised she was still alive.” The kitten was thankfully still alive but badly injured.

“Her right hind leg was shattered and displaced. They said the best option for her economically would be to amputate it.”

Mellow is now doing whatever it takes to raise the $700 needed for the kitten's veterinary expenses.

“I talked to a couple people and they said I should just put her down and I’m like she just has a broken leg. It’s not cheap but I think a life is more than that.”

This cause is one that many are already on board with.

So far Mellow's family, friends and even strangers have raised more than $200 and until there's enough money for the surgery the kitten will continue to be cared for by the same woman who saved her life.

If you would like to donate to the kitten's veterinary costs, visit:

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