Kittens rescued after being thrown out of car in Pulaski Co.

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PULASKI CO, Ky. (WKYT) - Two kittens that were rescued after a cruel act are now getting a second chance.

Workers at the Pulaski County Humane Society say someone threw the kittens from a car onto a bridge over Lake Cumberland.

Someone passing by just happened to see the kittens and saved their lives.

The five week old kittens, Bridget and Garfunkel, are about as innocent as they come but the circumstances that brought them to the Humane Society are anything but.

"Anyone who has a conscience, whether they like animals or not, wouldn't have done this," said Cheryl Cecil, a volunteer at Pulaski County Humane Society.

Susan Green, another volunteer at the humane society, was driving over the Burnside Bridge when she noticed the two injured kittens lying on the side of the road.

Green believes someone intentionally tossed the two out of their car window.

"They tried to throw them into the river and I would presume since there were two on the bridge that didn't make it across the concrete, there's no telling how many went over the bridge," Green says.

Both kittens suffered road rash and one even had a broken jaw and busted lip but the injuries are still much better than the alternative.

"They would've died, they would've died, by crawling out into traffic and getting run over," Green says.

Thankfully, these kittens are now safe and nestled in the caring hands of the volunteer who helped save them.

Volunteers with the Pulaski County Animal Shelter say the kittens will be up for adoption in three or four months.

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