Knox County church holds service, despite flood damage

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Knox County church that lost its building in last week's flood still had worship service on Sunday.

Wednesday's flood heavily damaged the Jeff's Creek Baptist Church in Knox County. The water knocked the building off its foundation and covered the inside with mud. The Pastor says the damage is so bad, they cannot salvage the building.

However, the congregation is not letting it stop worship services. On Sunday, the Jeff's Creek Baptist Church held services in a nearby garage.

"The most emotional part was seeing our church, losing our church," said Michelle Mills, Church Youth Director.

They did not lose their spirit.

A community member cleared out his garage, and the congregation turned it into a place for worship.

"The Lord is everywhere we want him to be, and we thank God for that this morning," said Pastor A. Y. Mills.

"It's different for us. I've never been in a garage to have church service but you can still get a blessing just the same as this morning," said Michelle Mills.

"We had a good service in here, felt good like we were right at church," said Eddie Mills, Song Leader.

Church members are planning to rebuild the church at the same site and are already collecting donations and making plans to start construction.

"We're going to need all the help we can get to build this church, but I've got faith God is going to bless us to do it," said Pastor Mills.

Until the new building is complete, they plan to keep meeting in the garage.

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