Knox father talks about fire that 'killed entire family'

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - In times like this, you always ask..why?

“They’re in heaven. God needed them for a reason. He wouldn’t have taken them if he didn’t,” said William Gray.

Far from a silver lining in the tragedy but that’s the only purpose William Gray sees in the fire that killed his three children…their mother….her fiancé, and two 2-year-olds spending the night.

“It’s a feeling you can’t imagine. You can’t grasp it you know. It’s like a bad dream. Like it's not really happening. They’re not really gone.

State police say all 7 died of smoke inhalation in the Saturday morning fire. Multiple families are devastated and at least 3 funerals are being planned.

“I know I’m hurting, those families are hurting, too,” he said.

Knox Funeral Home in Barbourville is currently planning the funeral for Nina Asher and the three children. I’m told that the baby girl Abigail will be buried with her mother…and the two boys will be together.

Gray says with all three of his children gone he feels like he’s lost his entire family.

“I know my babies are up there looking down and playing with their Mama. At least they’re all there together,” he said.

Services for Asher and the three children will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Antioch Baptist Church on Ky. 11 in Clay County. Hart Funeral Home is planning a service for Jesse Disney, and Van Kirk Grisell Funeral Home in Corbin is holding a service for the Cox children at 2pm Thursday.

Several businesses in town, including Hometown Bank in Barbourville, have also opened accounts for the funeral expenses.

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