Lexington Kroger expanding, neighbors question if bigger is better

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Doctor Tikva Meroz-Aharoni walks with her arms full of groceries from Kroger to her home every week.

"I live close by and it's very convenient especially because I don't have a car," she said.

She says now that the store is closing for renovations she'll have to rely on friends to take her to another grocery store.

"It won't be easy because I don't like to bother people," she said.

The store on Euclid Avenue will close at 6 pm Saturday and won't open again until the end of the year.

Officials say it’s expanding from 38,000 square feet to 68,000 square feet.

Kroger officials say because their pharmacy is also closing, a shuttle will run customers to the Kroger on Chinoe. The shuttle service will start Sunday and will run every hour, every day.

Store officials say they're renovating the store into a Kroger unlike any other in the country.

Designs for the store show a 125 space parking deck on the roof. An elevator will carry customers and their shopping carts between the ground level and the parking deck.

Construction is scheduled to begin April 1.

"I'm definitely excited, I cannot wait,” said Chris Nicholson.

But some others who live nearby aren't convinced that bigger is better.

David Laborda is a senior at UK. He says that construction could change the dynamic of the neighborhood.

"I'm sure it will be kind of frustrating at times to have the noise around. It's really nice to have a quiet area and it's going to bring a lot of traffic this way," he said.

Whatever changes do come, the people who shop at the Kroger say they're anxious to see its doors open again soon.

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