Kroger employees save the life of co-worker

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STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With an employee's life on the line, teamwork had a different meaning on Monday at Kroger in Stanton.

They say they always work together, but doing CPR together is not something they expected to do while at work.

Thankfully, Lori Patrick along with a few other employees knew what to do when Lloyd Stamper, an employee of five years at Kroger, went into cardiac arrest.

Patrick has been working in the floral department at Kroger for about eight years, but her medical training back in January is what came in handy that Monday.

"He sat in that chair, and he said, 'I'm about to go home,'" said John Martin, an employee in the produce department at Kroger.

Stamper, also a retired police officer and veteran, was unconscious in the break room and then he stopped breathing.

"We laid him down but couldn't find a pulse, and we knew he wasn't breathing, and we started CPR," said Lori Patrick.

"She would say breathe and I would give him three breaths while Lori was doing compressions and then I do compressions and Lori would say now breathe," said Martin.

Stamper is now in the hospital and alive thanks to his coworkers.

"Lloyd, he's not just like a coworker. He's like family," said Stella Owens, an employee in the bakery at Kroger.

We are told Lloyd Stamper continues to improve in the hospital after having bypass surgery just days ago.

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