Kroger stabbing victim still recovering at UK Hospital

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a shocking crime in which a woman was attacked while shopping at a Lexington Kroger. Many of you have been asking us how she's doing, and now we have an update.

Lexington Police say on Wednesday afternoon Corey Lane Cummins 44, came up from behind and stabbed Sara Gretz, 77, in the neck at the West Lowry Lane Kroger. Police arrested Cummins, charging him with 1st degree assault.

She's retired, married, and busy with grandchildren. It was just another midday trip to the grocery store when her day took a life-threatening turn.

"At any moment, anything like this can happen that you don't expect," said Reverend Kory Wilcoxson, the senior minister at Crestwood Christian Church.

Her family and friends never would have guessed Gretz would next find herself in the ICU with a stab wound.

"We certainly all know that this could have been so much worse in so many ways," said Rev. Wilcoxson.

Rev. Wilcoxson is not a stranger to visiting people in the hospital but seeing an older member of his church involved in such a random act of violence is a new one for this minister.

"People don't get stabbed in Kroger," said Rev. Wilcoxson. "I mean that's just not something that happens, so for me personally, it's a challenge to recognize how you pastor in a situation where there really is no plausible explanation for something."

And that's what those close to her are struggling with, asking why and saying Gretz didn't bring this upon herself.

"It was just complete shock that something like this would happen to someone like Sara who would never wish harm on anyone ever," said Rev. Wilcoxson.

The reverend even calls her one of the pillars of the church.

"Usually when there's a family in crisis and they need meals, she's one of the first people that responds to help, so we were talking to the family about wanting to provide meals for them, and I realized that's usually Sara," said Rev. Wilcoxson. "That's usually the person that I go to."

He's visited her at UK Hospital and already sees improvement just one day after the incident that could have taken her life.

"We're hopeful that she will be able to fully recover and come back to us the Sara that we know and love her to be," said Rev. Wilcoxson.

The minister tells us Gretz underwent surgery and is still in serious condition but stable at UK Hospital.

Gretz's family did not want to comment on the incident.

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