Ky. inmates in more trouble for posting photos

Inmates at a Kentucky prison are facing charges of first and second degree contraband after pictures of them posing with wads of cash surfaced on social networking sites.

The photos from inside the Christian County jail were plastered on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The jailer and his chief deputy say they were tipped off about the two inmates facebooking from jail.

The pictures, taken from a cell phone, show inmates Timothy Forte and Earl Caldwell flaunting close to $1,000. The jailer says he is not sure how the phone was smuggled into the jail, but he says he does know where the inmates got all that cash.

Jailhouse phone calls are monitored and recorded, but the inmates were allegedly charging other inmates to use the cell phone to make calls out.

Both Forte and Caldwell face charges of contraband. Caldwell plead guilty. Forte fought the charges however, and won. Both are currently in prison on drug charges carrying lengthy sentences.

Christian county jailers say they confiscated the phone.

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