Ky. man makes ships in bottles

The USS Olympia on display as a museum ship on the Delaware River near Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. Wikimedia Commons

VINE GROVE, Ky. (AP) - Already a leather worker, a model builder and a graphic designer and illustrator, Vine Grove resident Chris Lemke threw himself into another craft that thrives on details about four years ago.

The 42-year-old is mastering the art of building ships in bottles. It's a dying craft, he said, noting bored sailors started the art long ago, typically building replicas of the ships they were sailing.

Ships in bottles might see a boost in recognition, though. The hobby has been listed in the just published 2014 edition of "Chase's Calendar of Events," a book listing worldwide holidays, historic anniversaries and similar events.

Oct. 4, 2014 will be the first National Ships-in-Bottles Day.

The hobby is one that blends craftsmanship and history and demands patience and precision.

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