Ky. official rejects marketer's 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' slogan

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Tourism Commissioner Mike Mangeot has said no thanks to a proposed new slogan for Kentucky that's creating an Internet buzz.

The man in charge of marketing Kentucky's tourist attractions said in a letter Thursday that the state will keep "Unbridled Spirit" as its catchphrase.

Mangeot sent the letter to Kentucky marketers Whit Hiler, Griffin VanMeter and Kent Carmichael thanking them for their "Unbridled Spirit and enthusiasm" in offering "Kentucky Kicks Ass" as the state motto. But he said the state will keep its current slogan.

Mangeot also called on the marketers to clarify that the state didn't ask them to develop a new motto. He said an Internet video that has gotten more than 40,000 views in the past week has generated some confusion about that.