Ky. part of Dixie Alley that's more vulnerable to killer twisters than Midwest

WASHINGTON (AP) - Oklahoma and Kansas may have the reputation as tornado hot spots, but a new analysis shows that Kentucky and parts of the Southeast that make up "Dixie Alley" are far more vulnerable to killer twisters.

Florida leads the country in deaths calculated per mile a tornado races along the ground.

Along with Florida, Dixie Alley - including Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, western parts of the Carolinas - is where "more people die from tornadoes" than anywhere else in the world, said Southeast Regional Climate Center director Charles Konrad II, who headed the analysis.

Conrad said the heart of Dixie is where more people die from tornadoes than anywhere else in the world.

Kornad said Florida tornadoes aren't plentiful or strong, but the state leads the nation in so many factors that add to the danger, especially vulnerable populations of people in mobile homes, the elderly, and the poor.

The analysis was presented at a weather conference this week.

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