Ky. protesters take aim at IRS

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Tea party activists have rallied outside a federal building in Louisville, chanting it's time for the IRS to go because of its extra scrutiny of conservative groups.

Some waved flags and others held signs saying an apology isn't enough as dozens of protesters expressed outrage at the IRS on Tuesday. Similar rallies are taking place nationwide as tea party activists try to capitalize on a controversy that gets to the core of their beliefs - limited government and civil liberties.

Kelly Khuri of Jeffersonville, Ind., drew cheers as she called the IRS an "abomination" that needs to be abolished.

Les Naiman, of Louisville, advocated for an overhaul of the tax system to create a flat tax or national sales tax. He says millions need to descend on Washington to demand changes.

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