Lack of space forces animal shelter to make 'tough' choices

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Workers at the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter say they are still struggling to recover after a fire in November destroyed their building. Since then, they've tried to make the most of an old store building but the space is limited and that means they are forced to make some difficult decisions.

"It's always a hard business," said Theresa Martin, and it's something she knows all too well. "We try and get so many adopted out, and when we have do have to euthanize we, unfortunately, have to make tough decisions."

The process, she said, is to take the older, sicker dogs or even the more aggressive dogs and start there. That doesn't make the decision process any better, but with less than half the space they had before it's a choice that must be made.

"It's a terrible situation," Martin stated.

Other agencies from Lexington to Chicago have stepped in to take some of of the animals, others even find a home with a family. Since the fire, nearly one in nine animals at the shelter have had the more grim reality.

"That's the hardest part about any shelter, rescue situation," she continued.

So how does this keep happening?

"What happens is the animals keep coming, every single day of the week," answered Martin.

The shelter is still in the works trying to find a more permanent home for all of their animals, but until that can happen the only solution for these dogs is to find their own home.

"These animals are not here because they did anything wrong," described Marin, "they all deserve a loving, caring home."

They deserve it, but the numbers say they may not get it unless something changes.

The shelter will hold an adoption event at the Richmond Petsmart on Sunday, February 2nd, 9th, and on the 16th.

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