Late school bus forces students to wait in single digit temperatures

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - This winter continues to wear on our local school systems. While most across the Bluegrass were back in session Tuesday, the bitter temperatures still managed to cause problems with school buses in Scott County.

About 50 students catch the bus from the Daniel Drive stop each morning. But Tuesday morning, they were left waiting in the cold for much longer than usual.

"I kept calling the school. 'We need a bus here. These kids are standing in the cold. This is ridiculous. These are babies,'" says Daphen Fugate, a concerned parent. "And they kept saying well there's a bus on the way, we've had a complication."

Fugate says her three children, along with about 15 other Western Elementary School students, were left waiting at the bus stop for more than 45 minutes. She says the bus usually arrives at the Spindletop Trailer Park around 6:45, but didn't get there until after 7:30.

The temperature in Georgetown was in the single digits Tuesday morning, making it dangerously cold for anyone to be outside for too long.

Scott County school transportation officials say the reason for the delay was also caused by the bitter cold. Bus number 63 wouldn't start because of a malfunction with the battery.

While school transportation officials argue the bus was only 20 minutes late, they say they only had so many options.

"I don't know going back if we could even correct this morning," says Roy Prince, Director of Transportation for Scott County Schools. "It's just, I don't know what you do. Peoples' cars don't start and it makes them late for work. It's just what happens."

School officials say during these extreme cold temperatures, if possible, parents should try to wait with their kids in the car until the bus arrives. Transportation officials also say if the school bus isn't there within 10 minutes, students should go back inside and watch for it from inside their homes.

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