Laundromat owner gets six-figure surprise

Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington laundromat owner cleaned up on Thursday when he found out he won a national contest.

"I'm honestly kind of lost for words," said Joe Dan Reed, owner of Splash 'Em Out laundromats. "Stunned, really. This is a lot to take in."

Speed Queen, Speed Queen Financial Services and Star Distributing presented Reed with a check for $100,000 - the grand prize for an essay contest Reed entered.

"Joe Dan's essay stood out because of what he does and what he embodies in customer service," said Dan Bowe, one of the representatives for Speed Queen. "He does everything right. And also the way he put it down in words. It just stood out as the best essay."

Reed says he plans to use the money to pay off loans at his new location set to open up on East New Circle Road.

"My intention from the first was, if I get $200,000 worth of equipment, and I budget for $100,000, I'm going to win this contest and I'll put $100,000 in," Reed said. "That's basically what I did."

With his new location, Reed will own eight Splash Em Out laundromats. He said he hopes to open up two more.

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