Laurel County Sherriff's Office announces new school policies

LAUREL CO., KY -- The Laurel County Sheriff's Office has announced that they have implemented new procedures aimed at increasing law enforcement presence within the county's school system.

After meeting with many groups, including industry professionals, school personnel, students, and parents, the department has created new policies concerning rapid responses to situations such as a violent intruder inside of a school.

County deputies are also required to perform walk-throughs of each of the 18 schools in Laurel County at least once every three months. "This effort will greatly increase the presence of law enforcement in our schools, and the interaction between school staff members and between deputies and our children."

The sheriff's office is in the process of petitioning the Laurel County Fiscal Court to obtain funding for School Resource Deputies, who would be assigned to rotate through the county's schools and provide protection.

Deputies of the department have been assigned to the recently formed Laurel County School Safety Task Force for Law Enforcement, introduced by School Superintendent Dr. Doug Bennett. “This task force will be intent on reviewing current procedures and policies and effecting new and revised methods of preparing for a rapid response to a violent intruder.” said Lt. Rodney Van Zant.

Detectives and deputies have also spent the past year training to respond to violent intruder situations in local churches and businesses.

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