Laurel County couple still feeling effects of last week's storm

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - After last week's wild storms, some folks in Kentucky are still feeling the effects. One Laurel County couple is without a home and says insurance might not cover the damage.

Whether a storm was coming wasn't the question. It was more like when and how much damage would it leave behind? For Aaron Sturgill and his wife, it's more damage than they can handle.

"You worry living in a trailer, but this was more than worry. You knew something was going to happen," said Aaron Sturgill, who lives in Laurel County. "It started pouring rain. Trees were moving quite a bit."

Now the young couple is left with a gaping hole in their mobile home in Laurel County that cannot be repaired.

"A tree came and split and came toppling on top of the house," said Sturgill. "It knocked in the roof to the living room area. You can see it dangling in the back. It took the power lines down with it on top of the house. Based on the age of it and everything, it's just not worth putting in the money to fix it."

And the storm damage is bad timing with this Sturgill family starting to grow.

"We have a baby on the way due in November, so it's definitely important that she's safe," said Sturgill. "And I was just grateful that she was at work."

He's also thankful he was at home alone and out of harm's way in a back bedroom.

"You can see the power lines and the limbs hanging in the back," said Sturgill. "That's when I decided to get out of there."

They're just thankful that they still have each other.

"We have lost a home. Luckily that's all we lost," said Sturgill. "I mean we pretty much have all of our belongings and we're safe, so that's definitely the important part."

For now, the Sturgills are staying with family members in Laurel County.

If you would like to donate to this young couple trying to build or buy a new home, click on the Go Fund Me link above.