Laurel County family needs help after house fire

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A southern Kentucky family is asking for help after a fire destroyed much of what they owned.

The fire broke out late Friday evening along Highway 552 in Laurel County not far from London.

It caused so much damage that the family won't be able to stay in the home for now.

Firefighters at the Keavy Volunteer Fire Department say the call came out as a chimney fire but quickly spread to other rooms in the home.

"It had heavy smoke coming out, it was also puffing out of the windows," said Fire Chief Ronnie Bales, of the Keavy Volunteer Fire Department in Laurel County.

We are told a wood-burning stove connected to the family's chimney is what seems to have caused the fire, beginning in the basement.

"It caught around where the pipe went into the chimney at and burned and then it worked itself up into the two bedrooms," said Chief Bales.

The Bishop family tells us they've lived in this home for 19 years. Ray and Brenda Bishop say their 21-year-old son Brandon was home alone when the fire started.

"They had to break some windows out to smoke to work it's way out so they could continue to work on it," said Chief Bales.

The master and guest bedrooms were fully engulfed once crews arrived, leaving the family without much clothing.

"It's unfortunate that they lost it, but they could have lost a whole lot more," said Chief Bales. "That house is repairable, but there's a lot of smoke damage in it. And there's a lot of their appliances still in there that are not hurt."

Ray Bishop says he's a carpenter by trade and that starting tomorrow he will begin the process of rebuilding his burned home.

If you would like to help this family by donating clothing, their sizes are listed below. The Bishop family lives at 1375 W. Pine Hill Road off Highway 552, just outside London.

Brenda Bishop wears XL tops, a size 16 in pants, and size 9-10 in shoes. Ray Bishop wears XL shirts, 38x30 in pants, and size 10 in shoes. Brandon Bishop wears large and XL shirts, 30x32 in pants, and size 10-11 in shoes.

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