Laurel County food pantry coming up empty

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's ten days until Thanksgiving, but for the Come-Unity Cooperative Care food pantry providing the feast, or any food, is a problem.

"Our clients increase this time of year regardless of how much food we have. So as the clients come, we have less food than we've ever had and so there's very little to give them," said CCC Executive Director Linda Gilreath.

Still, the lines keep forming.

"Increased clients, less food, it's not a good situation."

Even commodities, or government provided food staples, aren't available.

"Normally we have cereal, juice, green beans, corn, milk and right now we are down to beef stew and mixed fruit on the commodity shelf," pointed Gilreath.

What the CCC does have isn't enough to even help the families make a healthy meal.

"Our clients are like family to us we know them by first name. We really care about them. It's hard when they come in and you know they need the food and you don't have it to give to them."

To make matters worse, the CCC, like many other food pantries, have already had to dip into their "rainy day" reserve supply. Leaving their shelves empty, and Gilreath says there isn't much help coming from other agencies either.

"Normally God's Pantry will receive 15-18 truck loads of food a month and since April they received 18 truck loads, so they don't have a lot of food to bring us," said Gilreath, "which they are our supplier so that trickles down to us."

The CCC is the central agency in Laurel County, and say many churches point those in need to their doors for food. So, they're remaining hopeful that the food will come and it will be enough to help them through this seasonal crunch.

Last month, alone, the CCC says they helped feed more than 1,000 adults and 500 children, adding up to 646 households, 83 of which are single parent households.

If you would like to help the CCC says you can donate money that they will use to buy food at a discounted rate, or you can donate canned foods that they can use to help others. For contact information click the link below.

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