Laurel Co. suspects go on shopping spree with stolen debit card

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. - Two days passed before an 82-year-old woman in Laurel County learned her debit card had been stolen and abused. Investigators say the suspects went on quite the spending spree.

Someone stole an 82-year-old woman's debit card while she was a patient at a medical facility in Laurel County. She was unaware the card was gone until her bank noticed the charges racking up two days later.

"She's having a tough time and she wants answers," says Deputy Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department.

You would too after hearing how much they drained from her account. Acciardo says they purchased over $1,700 worth of things off the Internet, off order companies, and off of local businesses. The suspects stayed anonymous until Acciardo says they finally slipped up.

"It looks like they got a little extravagant during that two-day spree," Acciardo continues. "I think we have some good photos, really."

The man and woman are seen shopping and later leaving with a child's bike, and their three kids right behind them, when surveillance photos were taken. However, for now, the suspects are not known, but Deputy Acciardo says that may not last long. Because of the dollar amount racked up, Deputy Acciardo says these suspects are looking at felony charges. The sheriff's office says they have started to receive tips, but are looking for more help in identifying the suspects.

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