Laurel woman claims she killed dog because it killed hers

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a dog fight that Cynthia Hurley says started last week.

"Well this dog jumped on my dog Friday," said Hurley from where she is being held in the Laurel County jail, facing animal cruelty charges.

Hurley says her Jack Russell, that she called 'Neil Diamond,' was killed by the black lab.

"It bleeding from its back and neck," she said of the fatal injuries to her dog.

She says she took matters in her own hands.

"I killed it," she said

"She didn't just kill the dog," said the owner of dog Hurley admits she killed. "She chased it down. Brought it up to the neighbors. Slit its throat. And then it was found on my neighbor's porch," she said.

Police were called and a constable arrested Hurley.

"What bothers me it was another child's dog. I know how bad I hurt over my dog," said Hurley.

"I think she should do time for this. That was just cruel. That dog was innocent. Even if it did kill another dog," said the dog's owner who did not want her face shown on camera.

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