Law enforcement talk about online concealed carry permits

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Gun control in the united states is always a hot and controversial topic.

In nearby Virginia, they are issuing more and more non-resident concealed carry permits to people in Kentucky and several other states. To obtain it, a person has to meet the qualificiations and only needs internet access.

People in Virginia are using technology to allow people who qualify the chance to take classes to obtain their concealed carry permit, without having to enter the classroom. Some said they like the idea, while others are not quite sold on it.

Law enforcement and enthusiasts said the sound of gunpowder and lead is one many can recognize.

“Where it gets sticky is some of the consequences that can befall you after the fact, if you decide to use a weapon, to utilize deadly force,” said gun owner and enthusiast Buddy Reynolds.

Deputies said firing a gun is not something to take lightly.

“When it comes to shooting and driving and actually laying hands on people, you need to practice that,” said Chief Deputy Tony Eversole of the Perry County Sheriff’s Department.

They said more and more people are taking courses to pack concealed heat for protection.

“I like the idea that people who have concealed carry permits are protected by the laws behind those and allow them to protect themselves and others should something really bad come to pass,” said Reynolds.

Kentucky laws allow people to obtain non-resident concealed carry permits out of Virginia, but one course is entirely online. Some said they are skeptical.

“It opens up a lot of fraud questions, is this really the person that is taking the online class?” said Eversole.

Some law enforcement said they think the course is missing a crucial element: actually firing a weapon. They said if one would be allowed to carry it around everywhere, they should need to be able to demonstrate they know how to properly use it.

“You need to know how to clean the weapon,” said Eversole.
“What happens if you have some stoppage? And it is important that they can be able to point it down range and hit the target.”

Other law enforcement said they believe it could only be good to get hands-on training.

“I think it would be beneficial for hands on training for any individuals that are going to carry a weapon,” said Det. Steve Owens of the Barbourville Police Department.

They said arming yourself can be good, provided people understand the power in their hands.

State police do not know exactly how many online permits have been issued by Virginia to folks in other states because there is no way to track those permits obtained online from those who enroll in a course. The class does guarantee a refund if you take the test and do not obtain the permit within a few attempts.

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