Lawmaker about her gun firing in capitol annex: 'I was obviously stunned'

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a frightening accident. A Kentucky lawmaker is talking about her gun firing inside her office at the State Capitol Annex. Democratic Representative Leslie Combs of Pikeville says she was following proper safety procedures when it happened.

"I obviously was stunned," said Representative Leslie Combs, a democrat of Pikeville. "That's a first."

She doesn't plan to give up her weapon anytime soon even after her semi-automatic gun accidentally fired inside the Capitol Annex in Frankfort on Tuesday.

"I thought I want to put that sucker away. And I did," said Representative Combs. "And I was going through the process as I have been trained to do, had it pointed in the proper direction like I've been trained, was disarming it like I've been trained to do. And like I said, I am a gun owner. It happens."

Representative Combs says it happened when she unloaded it while meeting with Representative Jeff Greer in her office. Thankfully, no one was hit, only the carpet and bookshelf, breaking the bullet into pieces.

"We recovered part of most of the bullet fragments. No evidence was located demonstrating portions of the round traveled outside her office," said Sgt. Jason Palmer, with Kentucky State Police.

But just because no one was hurt doesn't mean someone couldn't have been. One representative expressed her concern and wants the issue of safety to be addressed.

"I think we really need to look at safety and a weapon that could go off and injure somebody," said Representative Mary Lou Marzian, a democrat of Louisville.

But Representative Combs has second amendment rights just like everyone else, and for now, she's exercising those.

"It's an automatic. I need to stick with revolvers," said Representative Combs.

Representative Combs has a concealed carry permit, and state police have closed their investigation, stating there was no wrong doing.

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