Lawmakers are running out of time in current legislative session

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Lawmakers have until midnight on Tuesday to accomplish what they hoped to have accomplished during this legislative session.

Senate Bill 5 is currently in the house. SB 5 would make drug dealers responsible for heroin overdoses. It would allow prosecutors to seek homicide charges against dealers that are connected to fatal overdoses.

"There are a lot of amendments to it right now. So, we are trying to work our way through that," said House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

Another issue is House Bill 544. That bill has been sent to a Senate revenue committee. It would help finance the Rupp Arena project. It would let Lexington raise it's hotel tax to pay for the endeavor. That effort stalled. Governor Steve Beshear says officials from the state, city, and university are working together to make something happen.

"The Rupp Arena project is a sound project and assuming all the pieces come together. We'll have a great, new Rupp Arena and Convention Center that will be a big economic boom for Central Kentucky," said Beshear.

He says a revised Rupp plan is in the works and it wouldn't depend on a hotel tax. Instead, the state backed bonds and Lexington's backed bonds would increase. The state bond cap would rise to $80 million and the city bond cap would rise to $40 million.

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