Leeper to stay on as head of Senate A&R Committee

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Independent Sen. Bob Leeper of Paducah has been selected to remain chairman of the powerful Appropriations and Revenue Committee.

Republican Caucus Chairman Dan Seum said in a statement Friday that Leeper had been chosen by GOP senators to head the committee that helps draft the state budget.

Senate Republicans have been meeting privately in Frankfort for the past two days to determine who would serve in various committee chairmanships.

Sen. Tom Buford of Nicholasville will remain chair of the Banking and Insurance Committee. And Sen. Julie Denton of Louisville will stay on as head of the Health and Welfare Committee.

Sen. Jared Carpenter will fill the vacant chairmanship on the Natural Resources and Energy Committee. And newly elected Sen. Whitney Westerfield, a lawyer from Hopkinsville, will chair the Judiciary Committee.

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