Legendary Secretariat honored by Four Roses Bourbon

ANDERSON County (WKYT) - Four Roses Bourbon is unveiling a commemorative Secretariat bottle, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the horse's Triple Crown victory.

The bottle sports the signature blue and white colors of Secretariat's legendary silks.

Four Roses Bourbon says only 3500 bottles will be produced and they'll be sold along the Triple Crown trail in Kentucky, Maryland and New York. Bottles will also be sold at the Kentucky Derby Museum beginning April 27th.

Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery was there to sign her name on the barrels, and she says it's an honor for Four Roses to honor Secretariat, a horse with a legacy like no other.

The Secretariat bottle is the second part of Four Roses' tribute to Secretariat. There's also a commemorative bourbon decanter in the shape of Secretariat with jockey Ron Turcotte aboard.

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