Lexington road crews ready for possible snow

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As all eyes focus on what the weather could bring over the coming days, people across Lexington are preparing in the event the flurries begin to fly.
At the Lexington Division of Streets and Roads, Director Sam Williams and his team are gathering supplies and familiarizing themselves with routes just in case crews need to be deployed in the early morning hours.
"Our equipment is in place," says Williams, "we generally put the equipment on the trucks, usually mid-October. It's probably a good thing we start that early."
Because temperatures are not forecasted to dip below freezing during the overnight hours, Williams is confident his department will not have any serious problems. However, they are keeping a few trucks loaded with salt, just in case.
"We are actually going to be pre-treating some of the bridges later on today, just as a precautionary matter," he adds. "The thing that we strive for is having the equipment, drivers, available to respond as needed and we intend to do that."
But when it comes to being prepared, you don't have to wait or rely on heavy machinery to secure the area around your home.
According to Jamie Fisher, Assistant Store Manager at Lowe's Home Improvement, people are already collecting the usual supplies, from shovels to ice melt and everything in between.
"I think everybody is just trying to really get ready to make sure that they keep their drive ways and side walks cleared off," Fisher explains.
Fisher recommends using salt before any flurries begin in order to keep ice from building up, but he says treating your sidewalks and driveways with salt after a snow or ice event will also work.
For Williams and many others across the Bluegrass, they're crossing their fingers for clear skies and warmer temperatures.
"Hopefully the weather prediction is correct and we are not going to be dealing with a tremendous amount of volume of snow," Williams explains.
Whether it's the best or worst case scenario, Williams says his department is ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw his way.